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Jarrett Concrete Products and Supply, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of  the most unique product in Septic Systems.  Jarrett Watertite Tanks offer the latest state of the art technology on the market today.   Jarrett Watertite Tanks™ are 1000 to 5000 gallon, one piece, Watertite, concrete tanks which offer contractors the quality they expect in a single tank system without having to pour the tank into place.  Click on  Jarrett Watertite Tanks™ to learn more about our distinctive systems.

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We offer a wide range of Precast Concrete Products to meet your needs such as: Retaining Walls, Decontamination Tanks, Grit Tanks, Grease Traps, Steam Vaults, S.T.E.G, Plastic Tanks, S.T.E.P, Meter Vaults, Round Structures, Castings & Hatches, Headwalls, Box Structures, Parking Bollards, Water Utility Products, Boat Dock Planks, Rainwater Harvesting, Sand Trap, Oil Water Separator, Pump Tanks, Watertite Septic Tanks and many other quality concrete products.

    • Complete tanks with no assembly
    • Quick and easing setting in the hole
    • No leaks
    • Quick and easy installation of the piping using the adaptor root

Protect your Family

Jarrett Concrete Shelters

Jarrett Concrete Storm Shelters are Superior Quality to keep you and your loved ones safe!  Yes! A Jarrett Concrete storm shelter passed the 100 MPH – 15 pound 2″x4″ missile impact test at Texas Tech University. All of our storm shelters are steel reinforced with rebar poured with a 6,000 psi (28 day) compressive strength concrete mix. Each storm shelter has an 8″ turbine vent and a 6″ inlet. Our storm shelters feature a handrail design with steps and metal door with two locking mechanisms. The top and bottom sections are tied together with 4 – 2′ x 12″ x 3/8″ steel straps and 5/8″ diameter grade 8 bolts.

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