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TopTight Tanks

Tightest Tops In the Industry

Jarrett Concrete is proud to introduce our new, patent-pending, one-piece tank design. This 100 gal up to 6200 gal precast tank is assembled before onsite installation, so it is guaranteed to be more reliable and leak-proof than its competitors.

What does it cost you when your sub-standard tank leaks after it is installed onsite?

With TopTight’s manufacturing design, there are no seams to leak, or lid to float off. Continuous rebar runs throughout the tank, creating a solid box that is stronger and more reliable.

Advantages of TopTight Tanks:

  • No top joints to leak during water-testing
  • Top cannot float off
  • Stronger!
  • Continuous rebar from walls to lid
  • 4” Polylok® rubber boots standard, with option for 6” boot
  • HS20 load rated
  • Monolithic interior baffle walls
  • Delivered and Set with our crane trucks
  • Patented Design

Old Tanks

Top Tight Tank
Top Tight Tank
Top Tight Tank

New Tanks

Top Tight Tank
Top Tight Tank
Top Tight Tank

We make sure this product meets rigorous watertight requirements and structural certifications. Every TopTight tank is thoroughly water tested before delivery to your site.

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