NEW EconoLine Storm Shelters

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Small Storm Shelter
Dimensions (inside)
4’2 Tall
8’5 Long
5’6 Wide


Large Storm Shelter
Dimensions (inside)
4’2 Tall
13′ Long
5’6 Wide
Price: $2500


Standard Line Storm Shelter


Standard Storm Shelter
Dimensions (inside)
6’8 Tall
9’6 Long
5’6 Wide
Price:  $3250
(with standard delivery)


Standard Storm Shelters


Dimensions (outside)
90in Tall
126in Long
68in Wide
Dimensions (inside)
6’8 feet Tall
9’6 feet Long
5’6 feet Wide
The bottom half of the shelter is buried 5.5 feet deep.


Yes! A Jarrett Concrete storm shelter door passed the 100 MPH 15 pound 2″ x 4″ missile impact test at Texas Tech University.


All of our storm shelters are steel reinforced with rebar poured with a 6,000 psi (28 day) compressive strength concrete mix. Each storm shelter has an 8″ turbine vent and a 6″ inlet. Our storm shelters feature a handrail design with steps and metal door with two locking mechanisms. The top and bottom sections are tied together with 4 – 2′ x 12″ x 3/8″ steel straps and 5/8″ diameter grade 8 bolts.


*Financing Available on Storm Shelters. Financing arrangements must be made upon order of storm shelter and before any work is done. Please call us for more information on financing options.


 Ashland City Times

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